The mission of Schoolista is to automate every school.

Schoolista invites you to:

Schoolista - School Management and Learning Management
Software Conference 2019

to be held at


3001 Roxas Boulevard, 1305 Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
on February 22, 2019 (Friday)
Admission for 2 per school is FREE. Note: Employee/ School ID is strictly required.

SESSION I February 22, 2019
9:00AM to 12:00NN
Enrollment, Accounting and Payroll/ Timekeeping Software
How to become a Certified Schoolista Student Accounts Professional (and get FREE 5 months access).
SESSION II February 22, 2019
1:00PM to 3:00PM
Enrollment, Advising, Registrar and Grading Software
How to become a Certified Schoolista Registrar Professional (and get FREE 5 months access).
SESSION III February 22, 2019
3:00PM to 5:00PM
Learning Management Software
How to deliver online learning, and interactive teacher – student features.


Note: Deadline of reservation is January 31, 2019. Schoolista reserves the right to change terms and promotions without prior notice. provides state-of-the-art school management software so that you do not need to worry about reinventing school software.

  • Enrollment software with Real-time GL-Financials prevents fraud and discrepancies across different systems.
  • Class records with automatically computed final grades allow your faculty to grade students more transparently.
  • Automated academic advising, class schedule verification, report cards and DEPED/CHED reports printing, will make your registrar records more accurate.
  • Departmental records for clearance can store every concern from the discipline office, clinic, admissions and alumni departments up to the guidance office.
  • Our unique Logikry technology empowers IT departments with the scripts we use for your customized business logic
  • Students and parents can access a portal that truly automates enrollment, grades viewing, and other school processes.

NEW: Learning Management Software

  • Interactive teacher – student features, and online learning
  • Student assessment software and testing

For inquiries, please Contact Us. We hope to receive your registrations soon.

Schoolista Online Enrollment/Grading

Every School Registrar is a Schoolista.

Certified Schoolista Registrar Professionals, get free* access to Enrollment, Academic Advising, Class Scheduling, and Grading, for K-12 up to College. Schoolista enables you to print the Enrollment List, Report Cards, and more. There is no more excuse not to be automated in the age of the Internet.

*Free access for 5 months is available to Certified Schoolista Registrar Professionals (RPro). RPro’s are School Registrars, Enrollment Officers, IT Officers, or any individual who is trained on the basic features of the Registrar-related modules of

Schoolista Real-time Student Accounts

Every Student Accounts Professional is a Schoolista.

Certified Schoolista Student Accounts Professionals, get free* access to Enrollment, Automated Fees Assessment, Cashiering, and Student Accounts, for K-12 up to College. Student Receivables monitoring and every Student Accounts function happens in the background – in real-time.

*Free access for 5 months is available to Certified Schoolista Student Accounts Professionals (SAPro). SAPro’s are Student Accounts Officers, Enrollment Officers, IT Officers, or any individual who is trained on the basic features of the Student Accounts-related modules of

SchoolERP Real-time GL/Accounting/Financials

For every debit there is a credit. Schoolista Enrollment and Student Accounts handle the revenue centers of your school. The back-office function of accountants should record every transaction from enrollment and student accounts and report these as debits and credits

Such is the complexity of enrollment accounting that it is often neglected. It is often treated as information from Student Accounts that is ‘summarized’ and ‘integrated’ with General Ledger and Financials. Any inaccuracies in integration, however, are difficult to audit and can be sources of fraud.

SchoolERP Real-time Accounting maintains Student Accounts, subsidiaries and GL reports to be always balanced. Real-time Accounting is not just necessary for schools - it measures your school’s core business.

Sweldista Payroll/HR

Every Payroll or HR Officer is a Sweldista

Payroll for educational institutions handles both teaching and non-teaching personnel. It is complex and requires information from faculty loads, class schedules, and timekeeping. Annualization of withholding tax, computation of SSS, PhilHealth HDMF, and automatic deduction of loan payments are just some of the computations included.

Sweldista Payroll/HR not only automates payroll computations, it offers complete transparency and auditability.

Hi ‘n Bye RFID/Biometric Timekeeping

Detect ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’, for in and out. Everything else is computed in real-time.

HiNBye is designed to compute late, undertime, absences based on gate or classroom attendance. It can be used for students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel. HiNBye brings the Internet-of-Things to the timekeeping and gate security functions.

Learning Management System

Online lectures and exams. Online content creation.

Schoolista LMS enables online faculty – student interaction, online courses, and creation of course content. It is a Learning Management System that is truly designed to deliver education online.

The combination of Schoolista Enrollment and Schoolista LMS completes the full automation to an online university.